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Using e-resources in teaching: Home

Using e-resources in teaching

The electronic resources acquired by the library can be used in teaching by incorporating them eg. to the learning environments or to other electronic studying materials. The e-resources can be used also outside the Oamk network, for example from home. The remote access is available only to the students and staff of Oamk.

However, take notice that not all e-resources can be linked to electronic course packs. The right to create links must always be checked according to the e-resource in question. For example, although SFS standards are widely used in the field of engineering, it is strictly prohibited to create links to them in any learning environment.

How to create links to e-resources

When creating links to licensed material, the address of the Oamk proxy server must be added in front of the link, so that the link will operate also outside the campus.

How to create links to e-resources (e.g. Abi Inform, Ebrary, Sage Premier)

  • Copy the url address of your selected database in the browser url-address field with the right button of the mouse

How to create links to e-books or articles in e-journals

  1. copy the address of the e-resource
  2. add the address of the proxy server in front of the address of the e-resource:
  3. test the link you created


address of the e-resource:



Acquisition and usage rights of e-resources

The library acquires e-resources both through the FinELib Consortium of the National Library of Finland and directly from the publishers or vendors. The license agreements for e-resources specify the rights and the restrictions on usage, such as printing, citing and creating links. Commercial use of e-resources is prohibited.