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How to loan an Ellibs-book: Home

Ellibs login updated on 6.8.2018

Ellibs login now requires Haka authentication with Oamk user name and password. Previous Ellibs user accounts have stopped functioning.

Ellibs e-books

The students and staff of Oulu University of Applied Sciences have borrowing rights to Ellibs e-books.

Ellibs login requires Haka authentication with Oamk user name and password. A permission is asked for transferring the username to be used in Ellibs Library. 

Ellibs e-books can also be accessed remotely from home. 

E-books cannot be printed, saved permanently, or reserved. The loan period is 4 or 2 hours. An electronic book will be downloaded into the hard disc of the computer in use and it will be readable during the whole loan period. Some of the books are available for reading in browser as well.


Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) reader program is activated for use with an Adobe ID. 

If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can select the "I want to Authorize my computer without an ID"option. 

With an Adobe ID account, various reader programs will identify you as the same user, and you can use this ID to transfer reading rights from device to device. The Adobe ID can be created on the Adobe website.


  1. Select the book you want from the search results
  2. Click on the link E-resource on the Search results page or To the electronic publication (PDF) on the Record View page
  3. Select language from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the page.
  4. Select the appropriate loan period. If the book is already checked out the remaining time will be seen on the screen. 
  5. Choose whether you want to download the book or read it in browser. Notice! Only some of the books are available for reading in browser.
  6. Accept storage and management of information in Ellibs, and click the Haka button to login. 
  7. Log in to the system via Haka authentication.
  8. The borrowed book will be downloaded into the reading program and it can be seen also on the Adobe Reader bookshelf (File > Digital Editions > My Digital Editions) during the whole loan period. The book is automatically returned at the end of the loan period. If you would like to continue reading the book, you need to borrow it again. All written notes are personal and will disappear when the book is returned.

Returning the book

When the loan period has expired, you cannot read the book any longer, and it will be available for borrowing to others. If you want to return the book before the loan period expires, check the Ellibs Adobe Reader instructions or return according to ADE as follows:

How to download an Ellibs book to an iPhone/iPad (the same goes for an Android device)

NB! Ellibs app can't be used with Oamk Ellibs collection!

1) Select a book

2) Read Online or Download

3) Log in

4 ) Download the link to the book

5) Open the downloaded link

6) Read the book

Programs required

NB! Ellibs app can't be used with Oamk Ellibs collection!

The computer used for reading Ellibs e-books must contain Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). ADE can be installed and used free of charge.

ADE installation page should open automatically when you are trying to borrow an Ellibs e-book. Detailed instructions for installation can be found on the Ellibs web page or on the right hand side of the Ellibs book title page. 

ADE is user-specific and has to be installed in every computer you register into with your user id.

If you have problems with installing the program
to a computer in the Oamk network,
please contact the helpdesk.

Solutions to some downloading problems are to be found on the Ellibs web page at as well as instructions for downloading and operating Adobe Digital Edition software.