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Study room reservations: Home

Instructions for reserving study rooms

Oamk students and staff can reserve the study rooms in Health and Social Care Library via Oamk e-mail calendar.

Room reservation policy

The rooms are in great demand, so please take other students into consideration when making a reservation!

  • 1 reservation / student / day
  • Max. 3 concurrent reservations / student
  • Reservations over the maximum limit will be cancelled
  • Reservation can be deleted at the library's customer service, if the student or group doesn't arrive in 15 minutes.  

Rooms available for reservation in Health and Social Care Library

The study rooms can be reserved for max. 2-3 hours at a time, depending on the room.

  • Research room: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1341 (Tutkijanhuone 3h)
  • Group study 3: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1342 (Ryhmätyötila 3 (kapas. 8) 2h)
  • Group study 4: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1343 (Ryhmätyötila 4 (kapas. 8) 2h)
  • Group study 5, AV room: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1344 (Ryhmätyötila 5, AV-huone 2h)
  • Group study 2: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1346 (Ryhmätyötila 2 (kapas. 8) 2h)
  • Group study 1: Kirjasto Kontinkangas Paa 1347 (Ryhmätyötila 1 (kapas. 8) 2h)

Study room availability

You can check the availability of the study rooms via this link >>